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    What We Do

    Moving Forward Together (MFT) is a local NGO established in 2013 based on the realization of the needs in the country and the gaps bigger INGOs and agencies cannot pay attention to. We realized to link with private sector, employment opportunities, helping youths for better exposure and networking opportunities and confidence. Our expectation is for them to archieve tangible results in their individual lives and the communities such as job opportunities, access to Non Formal Education and peaceful coexistence and social harmony. We are fully registered NGO with permision and corporation nationwide.
    MFT is focused on the work of Youth Empowerment and Peacebuilding pillar. Since 2005, we started out as a small local group quick fixing on disaster relief, charity and donation for vulnerable and at risk communities in Myanmar. Staring from 2013, we begun our registration process and formed Moving Forward Together,a local NGO, to fill the gaps and bridge the needs to build software (motivation, attitude and empowerment) in youths especially for those marginalized young people such as youths (former children associated with armed conflicts, girls from massage and KTV, factory workers), ethnic and tribal youths, children from rehabilitation or correction schools.
    Moving Forward Together (MFT) Association’s main process are

    • Helping the children and youths who are excluded by the environment through other ability training and vocational and education opportunities with financial , materials and technological support.
    • Connecting the ability training courses which can help seeking opportunities for youths and women ( e.g. computer basic course, Sales promotion course, Innovative risks and Business skills course and Basic accounting course and Linking Job Agency and other social organizations.
    • Performing awareness education course for elimination of violence upon women and young girls.
      1. Youth Empowerment and Peacebuilding program
      2. Women Empowerment
      3. Non Formal Education

    MFT has engaged its international network by having skype video conferences with youth groups in Kenya, participating in the annual meetings of World Band/IMF, and presentations offered at the National Chi Nan University in Taiwan.


    • Myanmar marginalized Youths to become constructive role models and change makers in communities who are capable to put actions in transforming, sustaining peaceful families and communities
    • Myanmar marginalized Youths are linked to employment opportunities, vocational skill trainings that reflect to their strength, interest and resources to become independent and self confident
    • Myanmar marginalized youths are linked with non formal education opportunities aiming their better participation to become a knowledge based society
    • All youth regard themselves as “Myanmar Youths” regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender and vulnerable situation and live under one identity as Myanmar People

    Are you ready to work With Us?

    Who want to be volumteer together with our NGO organization, anytime we are warmly welcome. Thank You.

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